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Shetland Stallions





Pentland Molasses

11950 S  Black

Profuse mane & tail

and excellent bone

which he passes

to his foals







Pentland Pinto Boy

sadly dec. 2016

11949 S  Piebald

Great colour and

nice substance -

puts beautiful foals

on the ground




Glen-Dara Flash

10883 S  Piebald

Lovely heavy stallion

with excellent bone





Shady Glen Stardom

8066 S  Black


A lovely traditional

old gentelman, who

we are lucky to have

for his senior years.










Barwon View Licorice

Black colt


Only born 2013, I am

looking forward to how

this young lad matures.












Barwon View

Kool Kat

Bay colt


Only born 2014, I am

very pleased with this

fellow already, so

super excited to see

what another couple

of seasons will do. 

Will be a good height too.