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Shetland Mares


Barwon View China Doll

2007 Black Buckskin Mare 45604 S

Sire: Pentland Molasses

Dam: Pentland Cherish

                            Height: 9.3hh

                            Details: Excellent confirmation and friendly nature - a lovely mare.  Pictured here at the 2009 Ballarat Show.


Pentland Luci Anne

1998 Chestnut Mare with Flaxen Mane & Tail 40246 S

Sire: Glenelen Golden Prince

Dam: Pentland Loret

                           Height: 9.0hh

                           Details: Lovely little mare shown here with BV Luuka (sold to QLD).



Pentland Gracie

2005 Black Mare 43599 S

Sire: Pentland Molasses

Dam: Pentland Gretal

Height: 10.1hh

                           Details: Very well put together and very friendly mare pictured here at APSB Stud Show as a youngster. 



Kanimbla Gold Kat

2004 Palamino & White Skewbald 43623 S

Sire: Catala Peter Pan

Dam: Shanusti Katies Angel

                           Height: 10.1hh

                           Details: Great mare, great colour.


Pentland Talinda

1998 Black 38596 S

Sire: Riverlea Brigadoon

Dam: Pentland Twinkle

                           Height: 9.3hh

                           Details: The most friendly pony in the paddock...would hop in the truck with us if she could squeeze herself in. 



Pentland Cherish

1994 Black Buckskin 34554 S

Sire: Glenelen Golden Prince

Dam: Pentland Chelsea

                           Height: 9.2hh

                           Details: Cherish puts lovely foals on the ground.  Strong line in my mare band.



Pentland Possum 2nd

2003 Piebald 41798 S

Sire: Pentland Molasses

Dam: Pentland Possum

                           Height: 9.2hh

                           Details: Lovely mare, shown very lightly as a youngster and the precious last foal of P. Possum.  A real
                           show-stopper of a mare, but she is far too laid back to be too bothered with showing off!! 


Pentland Lovely Primrose

2000 Black38519 S

Sire: Rainbow Park Keith

Dam: Pentland Laura

                           Height: 9.1hh

                           Details: The sweetest little mare and a precious Keith daughter.



Pentland Gretal

1995 Piebald 35204 S

Sire: Pentland Toddy

Dam: Pentland Gay Minx

                           Height: 9.2hh

                           Details: Another of my favourites.  I have her daughter here as well.  Consistent producer of big show quality foals.



Pentland Chelsea

1987 Black 25966 S

Sire: Pentland Monarch

Dam: Kempse Chantelle

                           Height: 9.3hh

                           Details: One of my favourites and the oldest mare here.  Lovely heavy mare.  I have her daughter and grand-
                           daughter here as well. 


Woodview Kirsty

1996 Black 34492 S

Sire: Glen-Dara Titian

Dam: Wandarra Kandy

                           Height: 10.1hh

                           Details: Heavy-boned mare.



Pentland Ladybelle

1990 Black 28847 S

Sire: Wandarra Hobo

Dam: Pentland Lulubelle

                           Height: 9.2hh

                           Details: Beautiful mare - looking like a hairy yak in this photo sorry! 


Otway View Zaza

2005 Black 43964 S

Sire: Rainbow Park Keith

Dam: Otway View Ucalypt

                           Height: 9.0hh

                           Details: A real cutie with her father's tiny little ears. 


Pentland Marissa

1995 Black 35198 S

Sire: Rodney of Marshwood (Imp)

Dam: Pentland Matilda

                           Height: 9.2hh

                           Details: Lovely traditional type shetland with a sweet little star as well!