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I am a third-generation Shetland Pony breeder.  My grandmother, Mrs Betty Myers, founded Pentland Shetland Pony Stud in Ballarat and my aunt, Annette Currie, produces Shetlands and Miniature Ponies through her Twin Acres Stud, also in Ballarat.


I began my stud under the El Jayem prefix in Ballarat, but halted my pony breeding program after getting married.  During this time, my ponies were cared for by my long-suffering parents, whilst I moved around the state with my husband for a few years.  We have now settled on a property called "Barwon View" on the banks of the Barwon River at Winchelsea, so have re-commenced breeding under this new name.  Since the sad passing of my grandmother in 2009, I was lucky enough to be trusted with many of the standard size Pentland ponies and have bred foals under the renowned Pentland name alongside our Barwon View prefix for the following two years.  From 2012 I am very excited to announce that all foals produced will be registered under my Barwon View prefix as the registration transfers of the standard size Pentland mares have been completed. 


With our first Pure Crabbet Arabian foal now a well grown mare and our second PC Arabian foal a stunning yearling, we could not be happier and look forward to what the future holds.



May 2017 - Having thoroughly enjoyed a year off breeding, we now look forward to our new arrivals in a few months.  Everything is green and the ponies all look amazing and very woolly!  I have a variety of ponies available for sale - geldings, fillies, mares in a range of colours, sizes and ages.  Have a browse of my for sale page and feel free to book a visit.


September 2016 - Well the rain hasn't stopped yet!!  We have a handful of our beautiful mares in with Lynvale Lodge Mactavish (kindly on loan from Lyn & Hannah Vicary) and also Pentland Molasses.  We have also had a few departures in recent days and weeks so I have updated by for sale list accordingly.  Still some beautiful big ponies for sale and some lovely youngstock.  Thankfully no foals due at all this year, so an easy breeding season for once!!!


July 2016 - A mid-year update.  Hopefully by now everyone has had some rain.  We were lucky to get a few drops before the cold really set in, so we have a nice grass cover.  


January 2016 - Apparently updating my website is becoming an annual event!  We have had a pretty rough breeding season this year - I lost the ethereal pure crabbet mare, Mill Park Somer Sprite during a disastrous foaling, despite the quick actions and very best efforts of vets and helpers, I also lost our first shetland filly, who was born without trouble, but was tragically mismothered and did not survive her first week.  We also lost an amazing colt towards the end of the season, with a serious malpresentation that took ages for the vet to sort out, but we are very pleased that our beautiful mare has recovered beautifully.  With a sigh of relief that it is over, we finished with 11 truly lovely shetland foals safely here and most are already happy to come up for scratches in the paddock. 


I have updated our 2015 Foal page, our sales page and Arabians page.  We have the best range of ponies for sale that we have ever been able to offer ... geldings, fillies, mares; from weanling to mature and from around 8.3 hh to over 10 hh.  We would welcome anyone interested in our ponies to contact us to arrange a visit. 


January 2015 - Hmmm, been a while hey??  We have 8 lovely Shetland foals on the ground and 1 amazing Pure Crabbet Arabian filly as well.  I have added the 2014 Foal Page and updated the Arabian page and Sales page.  Lots of work in the coming months with training foals and perhaps breaking some older ponies in, but we wouldn't do it if we didn't love the challenge and frenetic pace :)  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the coming year is safe and brings you much joy.


February 2014 - Wow, where did 2013 go!!  Heaps of news here on the farm - most importantly, we have added a new member to the human family so now we need another kids pony (hee, hee, hee).  My mare Phae (Fenwick Phaedra - F Phantom x F Paschana (by F. Panache)) has been brought back in to work and is going beautifully - great to be back in the saddle again.  The 2013 foals have all arrived, a lovely mix of colts, fillies, blacks and colours - tying up and leading training has begun and foals are selling fast, so if someone catches your eye on the sales page, please let me know.  We have also welcomed some new ponies into the stud - on the Shetland front the beautiful, solid, tall filly Balnagown Topaz, with thanks to Fiona and her lovely family for letting her join us here; on the Arabian side, imposing bay Pure Crabbet stallion Boomori Finale (Chip Chase Kaiwanna x Dandaloo Baylina) and the very pretty chestnut Pure Crabbet mare Pevensey Amina (Arfaja Harlan x Pevensey Baybe).  All going well Finale will be used over our mares next season and Amina has been tested in foal to the handsome young stallion Pevensey Ghazal (Pevensey Safari x Pevensey Ghia) so fingers crossed for a healthy foal later in the year!  Huge thanks to Chris and Ian Swan for trusting us with their gorgeous stallion and all their hard work getting him ready for the big trip, and to Leon Bennett for not only his beautiful mare, but the opportunity of a service to his lovely young stallion.  A couple of young Shetland mares that I bred back in 2010 have joined us again here at Barwon View as well - Pentland Gipsy and Pentland Leilani are both stunning looking fillies, Gipsy has been exceptionally well broken in and is now our second kids pony alongside her half brother Tonka, Leilani brings some important bloodlines back to the stud and is a beauty in her own right (the image of her grand-sire Rainbow Park Keith).  The next few months will be very busy, preparing the foals for their new homes, but no doubt lots of fun as well.


June 2013 - Barwon View Tonka has excelled himself at the APSB Western Promotional Group Action Day - his second outing and my aunt Annnette rode him in dressage, show jumping, cross country, best presented class, bending race, barrel race, an obstacle course, and all finished off with a dress up class.  He proved his amazingly accepting temperament by settling down and doing everything asked of him.  He had a wonderful rider of course guiding him through, but it was a very proud moment for me, watching a home bred and trained pony handle everything so maturely and calmly - epitomising everything that I aspire to create with my breeding program.  Suzanne has taken some lovely photos of the day and I will upload some if I am able.


March 2013 - Well a lot has happened since my last news update, but not much in the way of rain!!!  We have branded, gelded, weaned and taught foals to tie-up, lead and most will already lift their feet as well.  A few ponies have already gone to their new homes, whilst some are still awaiting collection.  Yearling arabian filly Phoebe is being a fantastic big sister for the weanlings, she is such a gentle big girl and looks like the pied piper as her little friends trail after her about the paddock.  Only a few of the youngsters are still available for sale and one of the broodmares as well.


We have also had our mares preg-tested for the coming season and whilst only a couple look to have missed this year, I joined fewer so will have a nice number of ponies to handle later in the year.  I am looking forward to the foal shows which are now just around the corner - hopefully I will be able to get a couple of my young fluff-balls out and about again this year. 


October 2012 - The 2012 foals are all here and can be viewed on the foals page.  The Barwon View Stud FaceBook page has been kept up to date with photos as they have arrived.  We ended up with a wonderful crop of foals - all very healthy, good size and confirmation and a range of colours.  Finally we have some colts/geldings available!!  The biggest news is that this year all foals will be registered under the Barwon View prefix as the transfers of the standard size Pentland mares has been finalised.  Some foals have already been sold and we welcome expressions of interest if one catches your eye.


April 2012 - Well it is a while since I have had a chance to update everything - been a super busy start to the new year.  All the Shetland foals are now weaned and ready to go to their new homes, only the two beautiful fillies left from the 2011 foals, everyone else has been sold.  BV Phoebe our Arabian filly will stay with Mum for a bit longer.  Very pleased with how all the babies are growing up - they are very well grown and filled out for weanlings.  Now to decide who will go to the foal shows!


The Shetland mares have all been preg-tested showing us that the stallions have worked well over the breeding season and we are looking forward to a very busy breeding season from August 2012.  Hopefully we will have some colour this year with three piebald stallions used and 4 piebald/skewbald mares, 5 dilutes and a taffy in the mix, as well as our good old blacks!  Glen-Dara Flash a heavy-boned Rodney of Marshwood (IMP) son here on lease, has some really lovely mares in foal, and it is always exciting to see what a new stallion produces so we look forward to seeing his babies.


BV Kit Kat and BV Tonka accompanied me to the Geelong Highland Gathering in March and were so very well behaved.  They loved all the pats and were very popular with the kids and adults alike.  It was a long and busy day and I could not fault the two ponies with their patience.  Thank you to Annette for all your help on the day.


13 December 2011 - Finally I have a photo of Phae's beautiful Arabian filly up on the foal page now.  The Shetland foals are growing like mushrooms and in-between coats now.  The tie-up and lead training will begin very soon, but most of them will already front up for a scratch.  Between them and the yearling fillies also in the same paddock there is a lot of hustle and bustle to see who gets near the people first!  Stallions have hopefully done their job for next year and there is lots of potential for broken colour, a few dilutes and one taffy next year, so there is always something to look forward to.


30 November 2011 - The Shetlands have decided 6 foals only for us this year...the last few were just fat!!  However, 20th November saw the birth of our first Crabbet arabian foal - she is just lovely and photos will soon be up on the foals page. 


11 October 2011 - Still only 6 foals on the ground.  A few more ponies have gone to their new homes and one of the 2011 foals is already sold.  I have updated the sales page with details of the 2011 foals offered for sale.  Stallions are all with mares now, including two new stallions - Fenwick Octavius has his first year with a couple of mares and the Rodney of Marshwood (Imp) son, Glen-Dara Flash, is here on loan with many thanks to Danni Showers from Millwood stud.  Pentland Molasses is having a break until next year whilst Flash is here to give me an outcross from our Brigadoon sons.  Pentland Pinto Boy also has some new Pentland mares with him this year and here's hoping for some colour from all the boys next year!


20 September 2011 - Pentland Pebbles, Pentland Talinda and Pentland Chelsea have all produced lovely big black fillies by Pentland Molasses and Woodview Kirsty has given us a very eye catching minimal pinto colt by Pentland Pinto Boy.  Only a couple to go now.


27 August 2011 - Pentland Ladybelle and Pentland Molasses has given us a lovely black filly with a beautiful little head but nice substance and Kanimbla Gold Kat and Pentland Pinto Boy have given us a big black colt and what a mover!! He can really get up and boogie!!  See them on the new 2011 Foals page.


August 2011 - Barwon View Griffin is now happily installed at his new home with Pentland Romany 2nd.  Barwon View Cherise is settling in with her lovely new family, being treated like a princess, with a beautiful big thoroughbred as a buddy.  Cherise might be the first Shetland there, but will not be the last as Barwon View Krystal will be joining her very shortly.  (Many people will agree it is very hard to stop at one!!)


Still no foals as yet, but the countdown has begun...hopefully in the next fortnight we will have our first new arrival.


July 2011 - More ponies have left or are soon to leave for their new homes.  Pentland Romany 2nd has found a wonderful new home and will soon be joined by Barwon View Griffin, to be companion ponies for big horses.  Pentland Leilani has also gone to a fantastic familly just up the road from home!!  She is helping her new Mum give some confidence to a shy Warmblood weanling and being treated like a princess!!


11 of our Shetland mares ran with the stallions last year and are getting fat, fat, fat!  It will be no time at all until the foals start arriving now.  Here's hoping for healthy mares and safe arrivals for everyone this year.  I expect to see some colts hit the ground this year after the big filly year we had last year and would love to see a bit of colour, but I must now just hurry up and wait.


April 2011 - Our second beautiful daughter was born at the end of March, so April has been extremely busy for us.  In addition, Paluka Esme has gone to her lovely new home in NSW, Pentland Paige is on her way to be a little girl's new best friend in Northern VIC and Pentland Nectar is soon off to her new home, not far from us.  We still have a number of lovely ponies for sale on the sales page.


March 2011 - All foals have been weaned, branded, foal recorded/mare registered and are ready to go to their new homes.  We are bringing them in regularly to be tied up and lead...they are all doing really well so far and can easily be caught out in the paddock as well.  We also have a few mature broodmares offered for sale as I am keeping some of this year's youngstock.


January 2011 - We have started working with the youngsters, Phae has been preg-tested in foal for our first Pure Crabbet Arabian foal (fingers crossed) and I am not far off adding another human to the family!  We unfortunately lost our last Shetland colt in December which was very sad, but the remaining 12 are keeping us on our toes.  I have finally decided (for now) which foals will be offered for sale and you can see them on the For Sale page.  Not an easy decision to make in any year, but when you have 11 fillies to choose from it is even harder! 


November 2010 - All foals are now on the ground, the last a stunning chestnut colt with flaxen mane and tail.  He's only a little tacker and looks minute compared to all the other thumpers, most of whom are over two months older than him.  Over the coming months we will be handling and halter training the babies - already we are mobbed by a throng of curious noses every time we go in the paddock!!


October 2010 - Just one mare left to foal now and with 11 fillies and 1 colt on the ground already we are spoilt for choice as to who we will retain at stud!  That difficult decision will be made in the next month or so.  The majority of our foals will however be offered for sale, so please have a look at them and if someone appeals, just let me know.


August 2010 - Nine of our foals have arrived so far this month and all, amazingly, are fillies!!  Please visit my foals page for details and pictures.


July 2010 - I have updated the photos on the mares page after some gentle encouragement (yes I was very slack).  Sorry that the mares are so muddy and hairy...you will need your imagination to picture them clean and gleaming in summer coats.  Some mares are starting to bag up already, so in the next few weeks, all going well, we will have some foals to add to the foals page. 


At the moment we only have the one Pentland pony for sale, but some of this year's foals will be available on weaning in May next year, so stay tuned.


Some of the foals we breed this year will have the Barwon View prefix and some will have the Pentland prefix.  Annette has also joined a handful of mini Pentland mares which will also carry the Pentland prefix.


Good luck to everyone foaling down ponies in the coming months...this is just the best time of year!


February 2010 - I have updated the photos for the ponies for sale and the stallion page.


Tonka's training is going very well and our daughter loves to have rides around the farm on him and stands on the couch to look out at him when she is inside!  Pentland Romany is learning very quickly about being calm around the hustle and bustle of every day life living in the house paddock with Tonka, whilst the two dun geldings are keeping Fenwick Phaedra company.


The stallions have been taken out and all the mares are back at Barwon View, so here's hoping at least some of them are in foal...we will preg-test later in the year to give us a bit of an idea what we have on the way.


November 2009 - Three more Pentland geldings for sale - see them on the Sales Page.  I have decided to keep Barwon View Tonka for the time being so that we can finish his training and have a children's pony around for our daughter as well.


We have been to three shows with Phae - with one Supreme led Arabian, one Reserve led female Arabian and one second, competing against 3 year olds, so I think she did quite well considering they looked much more mature than her.  I am very proud of how well-behaved Phae has been considering how new it all was, although she was none too keen on judges placing ribbons on her neck!!  I also took a Shetland, Barwon View China Doll, to a very hot show at Ballarat and we placed third.  That might be the last of our shows for this season as it is very hard work!!


We have also been busy cutting and baling hay, so we have plenty of small square bales of pasture hay for sale.  No rest for the wicked they say!


September 2009 - The ladies and gentlemen have been introduced to each other, so here's hoping for next year.  We only have two Pentland yearlings left, both of which will be gelded shortly and will make lovely children's ponies, harness ponies or companions.


August 2009 - We are not expecting any of our own foals this season, but have some lovely Pentland yearlings for sale (on the For Sale page), the cuddly Tonka to continue to break in and maybe some showing with our Arabian filly Phaedra, so that will still keep me very busy! 


Plans are well underway for the 2009-2010 breeding season with a number of lovely mares soon to be paddocked with four stunning boys - Pentland Pinto Boy (big black and white piebald), Pentland Molasses (big and black), Pentland Andrew (a medium chestnut) and Otway View Ukelelle (a small buckskin).  My lovely Pentland Gracie will hopefully visit Wandarra Pippen, thanks to Fiona Wilson at Glen-Arden Stud.  So there is potential for some good, big, strong blacks but also some broken coloureds, dilutes and chestnuts.  I am looking forward to Spring in 2010 with much excitement!!


March 2009 - Some sad news; my grandmother Mrs Betty Myers passed away on Monday 23rd March 2009.  It has been a very sad time for us all.  Nana will be best remembered walking the paddocks with her beloved Shetlands, feeding them oats out of her coat pockets!  As the inspiration for my love of all things equine, I will greatly miss Nana's advice and wealth of pony knowledge. Thank you to all who have expressed your condolences.