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Pure Crabbet Stallion


Boomori Finale - deceased



1994 Bay Stallion 15.2hh

Chip Chase Kaiwanna x Dandaloo Baylina


I was lucky enough in 2013 to be entrusted with this imposing stallion for his senior years.  Born in 1994 and the image of his Sire Chip Chase Kaiwanna, Finale is not only very handsome, but most importantly, ever the gentleman.  Having admired his progeny, a number of whom are successfully competing in endurance and showing, I am very much looking forward to what he will produce for us with our lovely band of mares.  Having arrived a bit late for the 2013 season, we will use him in 2014 with fingers crossed for some offspring in 2015.  Tested clear SCID, LFS & CA.


The two beautiful photos on the right are used with kind permission of Chris & Ian Swan, click on images to make them larger:



Pure Crabbet Mares


Fenwick Phaedra



2007 Grey (Ch) Mare 15hh

Fenwick Phantom x Fenwick Paschana


I have had "Phae" since weaning - I bought her from Vicki at Fenwick as a young foal.  She is not only well put together, but also has the most kind and willing nature - a real pleasure to handle and very people oriented.  We have shown Phae with success and she is now going beautifully under saddle.  She has proven herself a wonderful mother and I could not be happier with the foal she has produced.  Tested clear SCID & LFS.


The photo on the right is used with kind permission of Lisa Mullen, click on images to make them larger:




Aldersyde Ameeka



2008 Bay mare 15.2hh

Mill Park Amastar x Fenwick Champagne


Ameeka joined us in 2010 and she is a super quiet and friendly mare.  Ameeka was started under saddle in 2013 and going beautifully.  She has been turned out for the last few months now and has been bred to Finale during 2014 season.  Tested clear SCID, LFS & CA.




Pevensey Amina



2007 Chestnut mare 14.2hh

Arfaja Harlan x Pevensey Baybe


Amina is the friendliest little mare - will talk to everybody and is just a dream to handle.  We were very lucky to get in quick enough to purchase Amina from Leon as there was much interest.  Very pretty little face, fantastic neck set; just the perfect combination of looks and brains.  Very excited to see what her foals will be like, but I am also very keen to get her beautiful self out to some shows.  Bred to Finale during 2014 season .  Tested clear SCID, LFS & CA.






Mill Park Somer Sprite - deceased



1991 Grey (Ch) Mare

Silver Somerio x Lyndale Water Nymph


This grand mare arrived in June 14, around 9 months pregnant.  I enquired after Sprite when I realised she was being offered for sale back in 2012 (then pregnant to Finale), but was sadly beaten to the punch.  Amazingly, just a couple of years down the track and she was offered to me by her new owner, so I leapt at the opportunity.  It has been lovely for Sprite and Finale to be reunited!  Sprite is a dream to handle and already feels very much a part of the family.  With eyes that could melt any heart and a trot that makes even the least horsey folk drop their jaw!  In foal to Pevensey Petrov (Pevensey Safari x Petra Benay) Pedigree for a 2014 foal.  Tested clear SCID & LFS.


The photos below are used with kind permission of Chris & Ian Swan, click on images to make them larger:






Barwonview Phoebe



2011 Grey (Ch) Mare mat ~14.3

Aldersyde Resemblance x Fenwick Phaedra


Our first home-bred Arabian and I couldn't be more pleased.  She is a great mix of mum and dad, super friendly and unflappable, but can really get up and boogie when she wants to.  We haven't been out and about much due to my growing family, but she will be broken in and shown in the not too distant future.  We may also breed from her, but I think she has performance pony for an older child written all over her.  Tested clear SCID, LFS & CA.




Barwonview Silverbelle



2014 Grey (Bay) Filly mat ~15.1

Pevensey Petrov x Millpark Somer Sprite


We were lucky enough to be offered Sprite, heavily in foal to Petrov and doubly lucky for such a lovely big filly to have resulted from the cross.  Ellie was a huge foal and I am very pleased we were able to assist Sprite to safely deliver with no ill effects to either mare or foal.  Now we are enjoying watching her grow ... even more!!